ReAP 4ft T8 LED Tube light 14Watt ~1800 Lumens

Eco-Home Lighting Kit:

Our product

• Is suitable for fitting on existing standard tube light fixture.
• Performs  at par with 40W fluorescent tube light
• 10 times more life span comparatively
• Is having dimmable option under which power consumption is low
• Expels 8-% as light energy with 20% power converted to heat which is vice versa in fluorescent tubelight.
• Is humidity & moisture resistant
• Instant turn on  ( no flickering)
• Excellent light performance and considerable savings in cost   of  power consumption 
• Lasts more than 10 years
• Is eco friendly.  No ultraviolet light or harmful radiation
• High brightness & high efficacy of about 125 lm / W
• Strong, safe & excellent heat dissipation





Power Consumption



Length: 1200mm (4 feet), diameter: 25mm (1 inch)

Input Voltage range

230V AC OR 300VDC +/- 10%

Driver efficiency

97% at 230V AC RMS*

Color rendering Index (CRI)

Cool white / neutral / Warm – color temperature available

Driving method

Constant current

Light output

36 lux at 10 feet**

Viewing angle

120 degrees

Luminary Cover

Milky white

Available CCT

6500k, 5500k, 4500k

Power factor

0.5 Leading


10 tubes in cartoon


3 years.


10 years***


Aluminum casing with acrylic luminary cover and end caps to fit into the existing tube light fixture

Tube temperature during operation at 230V

36 degree centigrade


Advantages :

• Equivalent to 40W fluorescent tube light performance.
• ROI with in 1 year under the usage of 24 hrs/day, thereafter 60% cost of power consumption is saved compared to regular tube light.
• Very High efficiency of 97% at 230V AC input.
• Low thermal dissipation compared to competitors solution, 36 degree centigrade for 14W power output. (See power dissipation graph).
• Even spread of light across the tube light length, will give feeling of fluorescent tube.
Steps to replace:
1. Disconnect the AC power from the existing fluorescent tube light fitting & remove the fluorescent tube.
2. Disconnect the 2 wires connected to the choke and short them.
3. Remove the starter from its socket.
4. Fit in the new LED tube and rotate, so it locks to its position.
5. Re-connect the AC power and the new LED tube light is ready for operation.

Note: The connection can be made to either of the 2 pins located at the end of the LED tube light. It is not necessary to make connection to both the end.