Night Vision Equipment for Patrolling:

Our night vision   partolling equipment has been designed specially for the forest department personnel who require to have the advantage of stealth when approaching a gang of poachers in the night in the junlge.

This low cost equipment has a head ounted visor with wide field of vision and is accompanied by an IR (Infra-red) torch.

The torch is capable of illuniating an area of around 50-60 feet with a 60 deg. field of lighting.

Some of the features of the Visior are:

  • Miniature TFT Screen
  • Miniature Camera
  • Head Mount with Flip type Visor
  • Built in IR LEDs

Some of the features of the torch are:

  • Torch with high powered IR LEDs
  • Built-in 12v Battery for continuous operation
  • Lasts for whole night on a single charge
  • Can be charged in any APC  (Anti-poaching Camp) using the Walkie / Cell phone charger Module

This product will be available on special requests by October, 2009.