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Yes, all the lights installed in Gandhi Park are grid independent and are powered by a bank of batteries that are charged using Solar Power:
• Number of individual LED lights - 1052
• Number of Solar Towers – 13
• Total Length of cabling used - ~12 KMs
• Electricity Produced thru Solar Power /day - ~35 Kilo Watts
• Electricity Produced thru Solar Power / Annum - ~ 13 Mega Watts
• Savings on Electricity bills per annum due to electrification thru Solar power and use of LED Lights - ~ Rs. 1,65,000
• The uniqueness of this design is that there is no invertor involved and the lights draw power directly from the battery which makes it a very efficient solution with very low or no maintenance requirement
• The LED Lights are programmed to automatically switch on when the sun sets and switch off after 5 hours of operation per night